Here is some information that may be of use for anyone looking to trace some of the references and images I have used for this site. Most of these books (as far as I am aware of) have been out of print for some time, but Chaters Motoring Booksellers may have some of them still in stock.

A majority of the books, videos and issues of Autosport I have used as reference material for this website are part of my own personal collection. The exceptions are a few editions of  Motor Sport, Motor (Autocar & Motor) and Automobile Year - those were made available courtesy of the Imperial College central library, and microfiche extracts from The Times newspaper courtesy of Brunel University library.

By the way, ever wondered about the "Chalkie" tag? Well chalkie was Henri's nickname for his co-driver on the 1980 RAC rally, Paul White. Chalk is white... Get it? (Explanation for that one comes right from the owner of the tag!)

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