NAME: Witolda Alicia Maruszewska

SEX: Female
STATUS: Single
D.O.B: 19/03/75
LOCATION: Ely, Cambs, UK

I am a composites research engineer by day, having just achieved my PhD. My chosen subject was "Failure processes in composite sandwich structures for automotive and similar applications" and it involved developing a small-scale version of one of the FIA crash tests for Formula One cars and using it to examine the effects of impact on aerospace-grade composites and sections of racing car bodywork. I also have a 2:1 BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Design and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering - both of these from Brunel University. My PhD was carried out at Imperial College London. I have had several papers published on my work.

At weekends I am a freelance motorsports photographer (Post 14 Digital Motorsport Photography) whose work is published regularly in Autosport, Motorsport News, Short Circuit Magazine and on Rockingham and SCSA promotional material. I first used a point and shoot camera at a race meeting in May of 2000, bought my first SLR just over a year later and in September 2001 I finished runner up in the Green Flag British Motorsport Photographer of the Year competition - a contest for amateur motor racing photographers. 2002 saw me work my first media passes and since 2003 I have been a regular incumbent of the media at both Rockingham and Snetterton, shooting everything from SCSA through to 750 MC.

Motorsport has been a big part of my life since I was seven years old. I used to be very into Formula One, but these days I really much prefer club racing for pure entertainment value, although I will watch anything (on TV or at the circuit) given the chance. My main point of interest is the SCSA series based at Rockingham; I started out as a curious onlooker but have long since graduated into the ranks of stalwart fans (contributing actively on the SCSA internet discussion forum where my handle is Reynard) as well as now covering the championship as a photographer. For the most part I remain impartial as far as drivers are concerned, but I do like to see both Colin White and Michael Vergers do well.

Outside of motor racing I enjoy watching most sports, landscape photography, painting and drawing, writing poetry and short stories, reading science fiction and fantasy novels and spending time with friends. I also like cats and I have two of my own, Toby and Pearl, both of whom I rehomed through the local Ely & District branch of Cats Protection.

My ultimate dream would be to do photography i.e. studio shoots of all my sporting heroes; John Part (darts), Colin White, Derek Warwick & Michael Vergers (motorsports), Thierry Henri & Dennis Bergkamp (football) and Freddie Flintoff & Ashley Giles (cricket).


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